The newest member of Swiss Ski Museum is our designer, Sam Bruchez. Born and raised in the Swiss Alps, Sam is a passionate skier and climber. He studied graphic design at the École Cantonal d’Art de Lausanne (écal), and currently works as a freelance web designer in New York City. Some of his past clients include The North Face, HEAD.
After a serendipitous Google search diving into the history of skiing, Sam reached out to Pierre, excited to combine his two main interests – design and skiing. Sam will be working on a redesign of the Swiss Ski Museum website as well as other print and social media content.

We would also like to welcome fellow Austrian ski historian Christof Thöny who, besides his work on the history of skiing is also the instigator of the “Wintersport Archiv” project ( His focus on ski history is international and started with a work on the biography of skiing pioneer Hannes Schneider 15 years ago. Christof will be helping us out with various research tasks as well as the German language translations.


Our newly designed website will be launched in late Spring and at the same time, we hope to have the “Mobile Educational Display” unit in the final stages of planning.


Thanks to John B. Allen and the financial support of the Marc Hodler Foundation, the International Skiing History Association (ISHA) recently published a guidebook referencing all the Ski Museums of the World. We are proud of the fact that Mr. Allen mentioned the as one of the two standouts in providing an online virtual ski museum.


It is with deep regret and profound sadness that I shall announce the passing of a dear friend and the co-founder of Luzi Hitz was a kind soul and very popular throughout the world for his historical contribution

to the heritage of skiing in Switzerland.

It was my great honor to have the opportunity to collaborate with Luzi and today, I am not only sad about losing a close friend,

but also sad for the skiing world who has lost an exceptional individual with priceless and invaluable knowledge expressed

through his many skiing history articles.

I also wish to offer his family my deepest and most sincere condolences.


"Skiing History" magazine which is the bimonthly journal & official publication of the International Skiing History Association (ISHA) has paid tribute to Luzi Hitz who is Switzerland's most read ski historian & co-founder of



You still have the possibility to buy the book “Lebendige Erinnerungen” (Living Memories) from most likely the best ski racer of all times, Karl Molitor (1920-2014). Even though at his time fewer disciplines and races where held (and practically no internationally ones during WWII) he won 23 times in all disciplines:


·        Lauberhorn DH 1939, 1940, 1942, 1943, 1945, 1947

·        Lauberhorn SL 1940, 1948

·        Lauberhorn COMB 1940, 1946, 1948

·        Swiss Champion DH 1939, 1946

·        Swiss Champion SL 1942, 1946, 1948

·        Swiss Champion COMB 1945, 1946, 1948

·        Grand Prix of Megève DH 1939

·        Grand Prix of Megève SL & COMB 1942

·        Far West Kandahar race Oernköldsvik, 1944

·        American Ski Championships DH, SL, COMB, 1947

·        As well as Olympic silver COMB and bronze DH in St. Moritz, 1948


“Lebendige Erinnerungen” is available (in German) at the Molitor Shop in Wengen (Tel 033 855 2131) or email  (CHF 29.00 + postage)



Luzi & I spent an enjoyable afternoon with Hanspeter Streule in Villars reminiscing about the years when Streule was a household nameamong skiers. Besides Attenhofer, Schwendener, & Authier, Streule were among the last of popular Swiss ski manufacturers.

Hanspeter Streule in his private "Streule Ski" museum. His collection ranges from 1938 to 1996


Thanks to several sponsors (Raiffeisen Bank Schweiz, Toko & Seilbahnen Schweiz) we will soon be starting the translation of our website into German & French which should be completed in late soon. As we start these translations, we hope that a few other sponsors from the Swiss ski industry will also be supporting this project.


The word about is spreading! Swiss Ski magazine "Snow Active" has recently mentioned our website and the fact that it will soon be translated into German & French.


As the Swiss Ski Museum website is the reference for the history of skiing and manufacturers in Switzerland the Ski Lift Nostalgie website ( is the equivalent in photos of all types of Swiss ski lifts. Jakob Schuler from Orpund (Bern) is a passionate collector, historian and model builder. Among his many creations is a 1:10 scaled model of the "Niederschlacht" T-Bar from Braunwald built in 1941. His website (in German) offers a vast collection of ski lift photos.


A new book on the history of ski bindings is now available.

After several years of research, Jürg Hess has recently published the book "Ski Bindings in the Course of Time from the Beginning to 1940". This bound book (large format, 208 pages) which is written in German describes approximately  200 bindings, most of them with illustrations and patents. The index with all the bindings, their chronology, the literature directory as well as the list of other patents is very helpful. The book can be ordered for CHF 48.00 excluding postage costs from Jürg Hess, Bad Ragaz (Tel. 079 616 7885 or

20/12/2017 is looking for collaborators. If you are passionate about the history of skiing in Switzerland and would like to help out with the further development of this website (articles, photo essays, marketing, sponsorship & fundraising) please contact;