HNATEK, S  (Sils-Maria/Grisons)

Probably the first skis made in the Canton of Grisons (170 cm in length, 14 cm wide). Without a high curved tip

but, with reduced width at the tip & tail. Leather straps were used as bindings.

Hnateck & Skis 1859-1860.png

1860 (approx.) - ????

EGGENBERGER, Johann (Sils-Maria/Grisons)

Neighbour of Hnatek. Manufactured several skis with tips made out of sheet metal.

Eggenberger-Ski Larch ca. 1900.png

1891 – Present

SCHRANER, Gebr. J & A  (Niederurnen/Glarus)

Patented the first foldable skis in 1934. Today they deal in real estate.                                                                                                              

1882 – 1946

SCHELLER,  (Wohlen/Aargau)

Until 1892 “Scheller – Kohler” until 1936 “Gebr. Scheller”, then “Gebr. Scheller AG”

1889 - 1938

FOPP, Johann Peter (Pontresina/Grisons)

1893 – 1919

JAKOBER, Melchior (Glarus/Glarus)

First ski factory in Switzerland, a carpenter by trade, was the first ski manufacturer in Switzerland. He made

“Telemark” and alpine skis, latter shorter (180 to 200 cm) and wider (10 to 12 cm) both of ash and elm,

originally branded “Melchior Jacober” as of 1904 also “Glarona”. The bindings were made by his cousin, Josef

Jakober, a saddler of the same town. In 1919 the company was acquired by Jakob Leuzinger

Jakober logo.png

1895 - 1906

ETTINGER, Peter (Davos-Glaris/Grisons)

Second ski factory in Switzerland a carriage maker began with his sons Rudolf, Peter and Luzi in the cart making

& ski factory “Zur Mühle”. In 1906 his son Luzi took over the business. Refer also to Ettinger 1906, 1919, 1933

1895 - 1975

HERMANN, Th. (Arosa/Grisons) Besides skis, also produced sleds and ski bobs.

1896 - 1962

JAKOBER, Josef (Glarus/Glarus)

Third ski factory in Switzerland, a saddler by trade who started making bindings for Melchior Jakober, his cousin. He

launched in 1900 the model “Gotthard Soldat” sold besides to the Swiss armies, to those of Chile, Japan, Persia and Russia.

Later he offered among others the model “Helvetia”. Jakober changed his name to Jacober (may be to disassociate from his

cousin – or forthe classic French sound). Later the firm was named “Jakober & Söhne”, later to Jacober Ski & Faltbootfabrik.

In 1903 the firm patented the "Balata" ski binding and some years later offered the “Helvetia Touring”.

1900 – 1940 ?

STAUB, Richard (Zurich/Zurich)

In 1902/03 he sold over 2800 pair of skis and other sport articles to 38 sport shops. Known model(s); ”ELITE”

-“SPECIAL” - ”Dr. W. AMSTUTZ” - “ALPINA”. Proposed double poles 1906 and brass ski edges. Screw less edges


Staub ski skier logo.png

1900 (?) – 1910


Later acquired by Bjornstadt

1900 - 1934

HEGI, E. (Andermatt/Uri)

1902 - 1930's

FORRER, Ulrich (Stein/St. Gallen)

Manufactured the first ash skis with Dr. Weder bindings. Known models(s); “SANTIS FORRER”

Forrer ski Santis 1904.png

1902 - 1960

CHRISTEN, Johannes (Teufen/Appenzell Ausserrhoden)

Christen (1865-1953) was a cartwright who took over in 1892 the cartwright’s workshop in the Lower Schwendi

in Teufen. In 1902 he started producing skis as one of the first in Eastern Switzerland. His skis were branded

Alpstein, made of ash wood (flat skis in length of 190 cm costed 20 francs, in length of 230 cm, 27 francs,

molded??? (gekehlt) (8 francs more) and those of hickory were about 25 % more expensive. In addition to

alpine skis, the firm also produced jump and cross-country skis. Initially, the firm was named Christen, later

Christen & Son, and as of 1940, Fritz Christen (1900-1981). From 1945 on, they also offered glued wooden

skis. The ski production was abandoned in 1960.

Christen Alpstein 1954.png

1902 - 1960's


In 1890 the basketworks Murgenthal was founded and in 1902 they started to manufacture skis and produced

morethan 150,000 pairs until the 1960s. In 1911 the factory burned down and was immediately rebuilt. Later,

in 1936 thefamous Swiss skier Rudolf Rominger won the World Championships in Innsbruck with the model

named after him. In1934 the factory was expanded and in 1950 renamed HOMAG-LANZ. Known model(s);



1903 - 1970

BEERLI, Louis (Engelberg/Obwalden) Touring and Alpine skis. In 1933 he patented a celluloid cover for skis as well as

“Blue Edges (produced by WORBLA).

​1904 - 19??

KNECHT, K. & Co (Bern/Bern)

1904 - 19?? (Approx.)

WIPFLI, Mich,  (Erstfeld/Uri)

1905 - 19??

KAPPELER, J (Baden/Aarau)

1905 - 19?? (Approx.)

BERCO (Zurich/Zurich) Known model(s): MATTERHORN“

1905 – 2006 

SCHNEEBELI, H  (Niederrohrdorf/Aargau)

1906 - 1919

ETTINGER, Rudolf (Davos/Grisons)

With his sons, Andreas, Christian & Luzi he manufactured skis as well as sleds and in particular the famous “DAVOS”

sledge. He sold around 10,000 pairs of skis to the Swiss armies. In 1914 he received the golden medal of the Swiss

National exhibition. Refer also to Ettinger 1895, 1933.

Seiler skis.png

1907 – 1972

SEILER, Eduard  (Flawil/St. Gallen)

Wood & toy products. Known model(s): "HV7" 1960's. Factory burnt down in 1972

1907 - Present

OCH Frères (Geneva/Geneva)

Och Frères (Och Brothers) of Geneva who started making skis in 1907 and in 1912 they opened the first Swiss

sport shop in Montreux, and later in Zurich during the same year.

OCH sport Poster.png
Badan Poster.png

1908 - 1948

BADAN, Alfred (Bursins/Vaud)

Began manufacturing skis in 1908 in a shop located between Bursins and Gilly, close to the lake of Geneva.

The low cost skis were of ash, the expensive ones of hickory. In the 30’s he also produced laminated wood,

some with celluloid edges and base. Known model(s): ”SAHY” (1936) - ”CERVIN” - ”COMBIN” - ”HEINZ VON


1909 -1950

SUTTER, Edward (Alt. St Johann/St. Gallen)

Started in 1902 as a Cartwright & in 1906 also a sport shops (today Sutter Sport).


E Suter skis 1909.png

1910 (approx.) – 19??

AMMANN   (Herisau/ Appenzell Ausserrhoden)

Known model(s): ”KRONBERG”

Bindings Bjornsatd Bern.png

1910 – 1930 (approx.)

BJORNSTAD, Thorleif (Bern/Bern)

Took over the Dethleffsen shop which manufactured carts & wagons and then added skis. Produced a

binding in 1912 named B.B.B. (Bjornstad Bindung Bern). He later opened branches in Grindelwald & Zermatt.

1912 - 1919

SMITH, Harald & Trygve (Hjalmar?)  (St.Moritz/Grisons & later Diessenhofen/Thurgau)

In the early 1900's, both brothers from Christiania (Oslo) ended up in St. Moritz to teach skiing. Harald started

to make skis while his brother went off to France where one of his ski clients, Noemie de Rothschild was looking

to create the St. Moritz of France (later Megeve). Harald's ski making business moved Diessenhofen and was

later acquired by Ettinger.

Harald Smith poster.png

​1912 – Present

NIDECKER, Henri  (Rolle/Vaud)

Henri Nidecker began to manufacture skis in 1912 in Rolle, close to Lausanne. The skis were of ash and hickory

until 1946 when the company also offered laminated wood. In 1962, they introduced metal and in 1963 fibreglass

skis. In 1982 Nidecker launched the first mono ski, an instant hit in France and Switzerland. In1984 they also

started to manufacture snowboards and from 1987 on they only focused on snowboards. Today they are

apparently  planning to make skis again.

1915 - 1960

GEISER, Christian  (Tramelan/Bern)

Already in 1908, his uncle Samuel started to make skis to facilitate the postman’s job in winter. As a farmer & carpenter,

Christian made his first skis in 1915 and later manufactured over 150 pairs per year. Production stopped in the 1961 with

the arrival of modern ski factories. The work shop was then transformed into a sport shop which still operates today.

1918 - 2010

JORDI, Rudolph  (Beatenberg/Bern)

1919 -1947

ETTINGER, Rudolf & Christian (Diessenhofen/Thurgau)

After the acquisition of the factory from Harald Smith, the ski production was moved from Davos to Diessenhofen. The

skis were branded “R. & C. Ettinger Diessenhofen”, one model “Derby”. The company went broke in 1932 but bought again

by Rudolf who put in charge his son Andreas – who branded the skis “Andreas”. The firm was sold 1947 to Attenhofer.

The factory burned 1971 and y new one was built in Ratihard-Diessenhofen. Refer also to Ettinger 1895, 1906, 1933

1919 – 2006

LEUZINGER, J  (Glarus/Glarus)

Took over the Melchior Jakober factory and manufactured the “GLARONA” model until the 1930’s.

1920 – 1980 (?)

KERNEN, Fritz (Cret-du-Locle/Neuchatel)

From 1924 on, the logo was an Eagle. He produced up to 5000 pairs per year. Known model(s): “CHASSERAL” - ”TETE-DE-RAN” - SOMMARTEL”

1924 – 1970’s

​ATTENHOFER, Adolf (Zurich/Zurich)

As an apprentice at the sport shop Ettinger in Davos he won the slalom/jumping combination of the Swiss

Championship in 1917. At Ettinger, he developed skis, bindings, poles and among others elaborated a method

to determine the location of the toe iron in relation to the skier’s ability. During his life, he was granted over

60 patents, some covering ski equipment, others clothing, shoe cleaners and even springs for mattresses.


1925 (approx.) - 1934

HAUSWIRT, Max  (Lausanne/Vaud)

Known model(s): "SKISSA" - “SKISSA HAUSWIRT“

​1925 – 1960 (?)

STRAUBHAAR, Hans  (Gstaad/Bern)

Manufactured 100-150 pairs of skis in the 20’s and later also white skis for the military


1926 - 19?? (approx.)

FLURY, C. (Bern/Bern)

​Known model(s): FIRN

Fleury logo.png

​1928 – 1995

AUTHIER, John  (Bière/Vaud)

In 1910, John Authier opened a shop for the manufacture of wooden articles for farmers located in the village of

Bière, close to Geneva. Anticipating a ski boom, he had built a factory there in 1927. Their first models featured

the name of Swiss mountain peaks: “Matterhorn”, “Diablerets” and “Muveran” and all carried the logo “Suiskis”

(Suisse skis with three fir trees and the armories of the town of Bière.

Authier Logo.png

1928 (approx.) - 1980

MATHIS, Emil (Giswil/Obwald)

​Manufactured wooden & synthetic X-C skis. Supplied skis to Montana Sport (later called IMS), EMS Chemical

Works (for employees) as well as 500 pairs to the Swiss army in the 60’s. Known model(s); “REBELL” – “PILATUS”

– “STAR”

Mathis ski logo.png

1928 - 1980

SCHONBACHLER, Gottlieb  (Einsiedeln-Birchli/Schwyz)

Known model(s): “ALPINA“ - “EINSIEDLER“ - “METAL“ - “SPRINT“ - “SUPER“. Manufactured up to 1000 pairs per year

​1929 - 1945

GACHMANG, J (Oberrieden/Zurich)

1930 - 1933 (Approx.)

BLATTER  (Chur/Grisons)

​Known Models(s): “HOCHWANG“ - “CALANDA“

1930 (approx.) – 1973

LUTZ, Albert  (Teufen/Appenzell Ausserrhoden)

​Established the Schwagalp-Krazerli Ski School

1930 (approx.) – 1950

CHRISTEN, Konrad (Gais/Appenzell Ausserrhoden)

Known model(s): “GABRIS” – “SCHUSS”

1930 - 50 (approx.)


Ash & Hickory Skis. Logo; SIG-SKI

1930 - 19??  (approx.)

ZOGG, Fritz  (Arosa/Grisons)

Glacier & hunting skis (metal & wood) 130 cm long and 9 cm wide with double grooves.

1930 (approx.) 1937

WEHRLI, Ernst  (Erlenbach/Zurich)

His “NO SPLIT“ model was marketed as ”break free“ due to the small layer of celluloid between the upper ash and lower

hickory sections. Later called “Wehrli & Co. AG“ then “Skifabrik Erlenbach AG“ & In 1937 “ERBA AG“ Ski und Holzwarenfabrik

1930 (approx.) - 1940

WAGNER, Alois (Herisau/Appenzell Ausserrhoden)

Known model(s): “AMMANN”

1930 – 1980 (?)

BEUSCH  (Buchs/St. Gallen)

1930 (approx.) – 19??

ACKERMANN, Bros  (St. Gallen/St. Gallen)

Under the brand name GEBRAC, the brothers sold 3mm aluminum bases for skis which were attached with rivets.

At the moment it is still uncertain if they also manufactured skis.

Schwendener poster.png

1931 - 1979 

SCHWENDENER, Johann (Buchs/St. Gallen)

As an apprentice carriage-builder in St. Moritz, he opened a shop in Buchs (close to Austria) in 1931. The

first year, They produced 74 pairs, in 1942: 1,500, in 1950: 10,000, in 1968: 100,000, many of them exported

to U.S. (as of 1936, Sears as biggest customer), Canada (Eaton), Australia, Austria, Belgium, Chile, Finland,

France, Germany, Great Britain, Japan, Italy, Netherlands, Norway and New Zealand. The US army placed

in 1970 a large order for their Alaskan troops.

1931 - 1983

AMREIN & WEBER  (Zurich/Zurich)

Known model(s): “MUSTANG“ (1983)

1931 - 1936

KUEHLER (Kusnacht/Zurich)

From 1933 called P & K. Kuehler.  Known model(s): ”PEKA”

​1931 - 1985(?)

GRASSLI, Heinrich (Grabs/St. Gallen)


1932 - 19??

SCHNEBELLI, H. (Mettmenstetten/Zurich)

​1932 – 1939 

LA CHAPPELLE  (Kriens/Lucerne)

The company was founded in 1840 in Strassbourg and later moved to Kriens in 1899. They mostly manufactured wood

working tools (wood planes) and before they closed down the factory in 2001, they were making work benches for schools.

Known model(s) :  “LA CHAPPELLE “ - “BRISEN“ - “BRUNIG“ - “TELL KAPELLE“. ​Until WW2 they were the biggest producer &

exporters of skis in Switzerland.

1932 - 19??

KAISER, HS  (Leuzingen/Bern)

1933 – 1958

ETTINGER, Christian (Landquart/Grisons)

After the bankruptcy of 1932, Christian founded his own factory and branded the skis “Landquart Ettinger”.

His son Jacob took over in 1947. He changed the wainwright to carpenter & cabinet maker and stopped to

manufacture skis in 1952. Refer also to Ettinger 1895, 1906, 1919


1933 - 19??

MELLIGER, J. (Lucerne/Lucerne)

1933 - 1967

HOHL, Jakob  (Suhr/Aargau)

1958 managed by his sons Herbert & Eduard. Production ca. 100 per year.  Known model(s): “HOHL“

Flattich 1.jpg

1933 - 1965

FLATTICH, Johann (Seen/Zurich)

Originally from Siebnen (Schwyz) the Flattich families operated several wood processing companies such as a

sawmill, carpentry and wainwrights. Johann, born in 1896, grew up in this environment. His brother Otto was

already in his 20’s & with the new sport of skiing, started producing handmade skis. As the local market was

not big enough for two families, Johann moved as a trained cartwright in 1933 to Seen in the Canton of Zurich. The first skis were entirely made by hand & he sold his first three pair to members of the Seen Sports Club for 15 francs each. In 1934 he expanded

the workshop and bought new machines to make the production of skis more efficient. During WW2, Flattich was able to supply a large quantity of white-painted skis to the army. His ski brand “Jaguar” was used together with Streule in Schlieren who later had

the Jaguar brand protected in the 1960s. After the big skiing boom in the 1950s, new production techniques were used with metal and Flattich was no longer able to follow suit as a "woodworker", which is why he ceased production of skis around 1965.

1934 - 19??


They produced an aluminum ski.

1935 – Present

STÖCKLI, Josef (Wolhusen/Luzern)

Josef Stöckli began fabricating ash skis in the family’s carpentry shop in 1935 in Wolhusen, close to Lucerne,

selling the same year 50 pairs of ash. By 1945, the Company also offered laminated wood, some with

celluloid edges on top, by 1957 metal, by 1965 fiberglass skis. In 1967 Stöckli started to retail bindings, poles,

ski boots, cross-country skis as well as accessories.

stockli logo2.png

1935 - 1973

ROTH, Hans (Melchnau/Bern)

They produced up to 1500 pairs per year. At first the brand name was “ROME” and later “ROTH”. Known model(s);

“ROTH SUPER” (1961) - “R2000” – “P2000” (1969) – “MASTERTEAM” (1971)

1935 - 1947

FASSLER SKIFABRIKATION  (Rinkenbach/Appenzell Innerrhoden)

1937 – 1970 (approx.)

ERBA (Erlenbach/Zurich)

Wattenhofer took over Wehrli and created ERBA AG. Known model(s): “LIMEX ET 15” – “STANDARD” – “RS”


Erba logo2.png

1938 – 1949

SCHENKEL & STREULE (Zurich/Zurich)

Until WW2 the logo on the tips was “SS“ and for obvious reasons changed during the war

1937 – 1960

INGLIN, Josef  (Fluenen/Uri)

Skis with sliding surface coverings, 1939 patented. Unfortunately, these warped often to a hollow surface.

Other patents such as coverings connected with profile edges with plastic over the screws


1940 (approx.) - 1960

FREY, Ernst  (Reinach/Aargau)

Known model(s):  ”HOMBERG“ - ”PISTA 1“ - ”PISTA 2“

1945 – 1958

KAMMER  (Tellenfeld-Frutigen/Bern)

Known model(s): “SPEZIAL“ - “KOMBI“ - “NIESSEN“ - “KAMMER“

1949 - 1964

BRITT, Charly  (Lausanne/Vaud)

He manufactured Alpine & Water skis (also 1000 pairs by Authier)

1949 - 1996

STREULE, Bros (Zurich Altstetten & from 1959 Schlieren/Zurich)

Acquired from Schenkel in 1949. Ski sponsor for several national team racers. Known model(s): “JAGUAR”

(1962). –“PRINCIPAL” (first Swiss fiberglass ski) – “GOLD CUP”. Manufactured up to 12’000 pairs per year of

which 10% were exported.

1950 – 1960

RUSSENBERGER, A (Bad Ragaz/St. Gallen)

​Model (s); LORD

1952– 1968 (Approx.)

VALAIS SKI (Saxon/Valais)

Owned by Vauthey. Skis also manufactured by Authier & Nidecker. Model (s) HAGA (1952) & SAPPORO.

1957 – 1976

HALDEMANN, GASTON (Stans/Nidwalden)

Patented the first hollow fiberglass skis in 1958 (as well as over 40 other patents).  He is also famous for creating the

“Rossignol Equipe Suisse” ski which won 5 medals at the 1972 Sapporo Olympics.

1960 - 19??

SCHELLER (Thalwil/Zurich)

1963 – 1997

LAGGER, Othmar  (Munster/Valais)

Known model(s): “TEBLITZ”

1970- Present

TOKO (Altstetten/St. Gallen)

Better known for their waxes which they started making in 1933, they manufactured fibreglass X-C skis

and later a touring ski (“TOURING 1”) manufactured in Sweden which ended production in 1974.

Rebell Advert 1969 anony.png

1972 – 1980 (approx.)

REBELL  (Thun/Bern)

Made by Hauenstein according to the Fullplast Twin procedure. Known model(s): “1000” – “3000”


(touring ski) – “LONGLIFE” (X-C Ski).

1976 – Present

IMS (Inter Montana Sport)  (Worb/Bern)

Even though IMS was not a ski manufacturer, they were a leader in the strengthening of the skis top-sheet material.

Together with Head skis developed a better P-Tex base and ski edges.

1984 – Present

RADICAL SPORTS (Zurich-Wollishofen/Zurich)

After snowboards, they added skis in 2004 (Carving, All Mountain & Free ride). Price range CHF. 1400 - 1600

Radical logo.png

1991 – 2011 

WIESMANN, Gunther  (Dietikon/Zurich)

Known model(s): “SNOW RIDER R 15“

RTC logo.png

1993 – Present

RTC  (Brig-Glis/Valais)

Started in 1978 with snowboards RTB (Ready to Board) and in 1993 RTC skis (Ready to Carve). First

manufactured in Germany and later in Italy. Since 2000, headquarters in Brig/Valais. Price ca. CHF. 1800

1995 - 2010

HAMMER   (Aclens/Vaud)

Freestyle, Alpine & All Round Skis made by Rossignol in Tunisia.

hammer logo.png

1996 –Present

AK (ALDO KUONEN) (Stansstad/Nidwalden)

They manufacture Slope, All Mountain, Touring and exclusive carbon skis (total of approx. 2500pairs per year).

AK Logo.png
Movement Logo.png

​1999 - Present 

MOVEMENT (Puidoux/Vaud)

Their production covers the complete range of all types of skis. At first the skis were manufactured

in Switzerland, then Italy (TUA) and today in Tunisia

2003 – Present

ZAI  (Spreitenbach/Aargau)

Previously in Disentis (Grisons) Handmade Skis combining exotic materials (granite, wool etc.) Price range:

CHF. 3300 – 9900. While most mass produced skis lose 25% of their camber after 30 ski days, Zai skis only

lose 5% after 100 ski days. Known model(s); “FRANCO“- “LAISA“ (weighs on  1600gr) – “ONZA“ - “SCADIN“ -

“SPADA“ - “TESTA“. Starting in 2018, the skis are manufactured in a joint venture with Blossom Skis in Italy.

Zai logo new.png

2003 – Present

BIRDOS  (Andermatt/Uri)

Custom & standard freeride skis starting from CHF. 1200  

Birdos logo new.png

2004 – Present

CORE  (Klosters/Grisons)

Skis developed  in Switzerland and manufactured by BLOUSEN (Italy)

Core logo.png

2005 – Present

KESSLER  (Braunwald/Glarus)

Better known for their snowboards, they also make Allround, Freeride and Touring skis

Kessler ski logo.png

2005 - 2013

SCHUTZ-SPORT  (Hombrechtikon/Zurich)

​Individual design. Sold approx. 500 pairs to the Russian Army

2006 – Present

FACTION (Verbier/Valais)

Freestyle and freeride skis. Designed in Verbier and handmade in the EU.

Faction logo.png

2006 - 2011

THOMUS  (Niederscherli/Bern)

Skis manufactured by Elan & RTC

Thomus logo.png

2007 – 2017 ?

LIMPIDSKI  (Gland/Vaud)

Handcrafted and custom built skis. Price range CHF. Ca. 2200 - 2400


2007 – 2017 (?)

HEIDISKI  (Vevey/Vaud)

All Mountain, Freeride and custom made skis manufactured by Nidecker

Heidi ski logo.png

​​2010 - Present

OXESS (Bubikon/Zürich)

Even though they started making snowboards in 1994 their first handmade carving skis were

manufactured in 2010. Already in 2008,sponsored by Swiss Ski and Swiss Olympics, Oxess were a

pioneer in the development of a customized aireal ski for freestyle. Besides their 42 models of

snowboards available they manufacture 3 types of Race Carving skis. Known models: "RC158" - "RC165" - "RC172"

pioneer in the developmentof a customized aireal ski for freestyle. Besides their 42 models of snowboards

available they manufacture 3 types of Race Carving skis. Known models: "RC158" - "RC165" - "RC172"

manufactured in 2010.

oxess logo.jpg

2011 – Present

R11 (Kolliken/Aargau)

Handmade ski manufacturer offering two models; “ONE” & “WHOOP”

new r11 logo2 .png

2011 - Present

DOWN SKIS (Grand-Lancy/Geneva)

Skis made in Europe and exclusively distributed out of Geneva. They offer a wide range of skis for

Freeride, Touring, Big Mountain, Park and Freestyle. Known model(s): "COUNTDOWN" - "LOWDOWN" -


down skis.png

​​2012 - Present 

EINSIEDLER (Einsiedeln/Schwyz)

2013 - Present

MULLER SKI (Wetzikon/Zurich)

Handmade skis for Allround, Freeride and Ski Racing. Known models: “ MR. BLUE” – “MR ORANGE”-




​​2012 - Present

SWISS MASSIV (Doppleschwand/Lucerne)

Handmade & custom made ski manufacturer offering 3 models in various finishes.

swiss massiv.png
Anouk ski logo.png

2013 – Present

ANOUK  (Locarno?/Ticino)

One of the leaders in the high end “Made to Measure” market. Base price starts at CHF. 2600.00

and goes up to over CHF. 10.000 depending on the clients demands (special wood, amount of gold etc.)

2013 - Present

SKEIDA (Matten/Bern)

Handmade ski manufacturer specializing in All Mountain, Touring & Freestyle skis.

Known models: "Nahuel 88" - "Nehuen 98" - "Nehuen Tour" - "Ñuke 118" - "Aucan 117"

Early bird.png

2014 - Present

EARLY BIRD (Bern/Bern)

Handmade skis for Freeride & Freetouring. Known model(s): "NUTCRACKER" - "JACKDAW" - "PHOENIX"

2015 – Present

TIMBAER (Appenzell/Appenzell Innerrhoden)

Manufacturer of handmade Carving skis

Timbaer logo.png

2015 – Present

FIVE STAR  (Engelberg/Obwalden)

Their ALL-ROUND skis are manufactured in Switzerland & Austria. Five Star also developed a ski chip

(Ski-Beacon) and a special app (SOS. SKI). Known model(s): “GIANT - “ULTRA” -  “PRIME” -  “ROYAL” -  “PEARL”

Five star ski logo.png

2016 - Present 

MACH (Feldbrunnen/Solothurn)

Handmade skis. Known model(s): “BLACK” – “WHITE” – “RAPTOR” – “EAGLE”

Mach logo.png

2016 - Present


Handmade-custom made skis. Known model(s): "DODU" - "POWER OF NATURE" - "NATURALLY BETTER" -


wood spirit 2.jpg

2018 - Present

ANAVON (Disentis/Grisons)

From the founder of Zai skis,  Simon Jacomet created Anavon Skis, manufacturing 100% “Made in Switzerland”

skis in the previous Zai production facilities in Disentis.

Anavon logo.jpg

​​​Sport shops that had skis made for them with their name on them:


·          AUBERT -SPORTS 1957-Present (Lausanne/Vaud) Sport shop. In the 70’s Authier produced an “AUBERT” model for the shop.

·          CHRISTEN & CO. 1925 -1929(?) (Bern/Bern) Sold household & sport items

·          HERBERT-SPORT ca. 1975 - 1985 (Origin unknown)  Alpine & Touring skis made by Nidecker

·          HITZ  (SPORTHAUS)  Dates unknown  (Klosters/Grisons)

·          HOFSTETTER, Ernst  1934 – Present (Geneva/Geneva) Alpine skis manufactured by Völkl and by Holzner. Model "Everest"

           The company was taken over in 1969 by his son Michel until 2009 and later taken over by the family group Brunschwig  


·          RAMSER 1982 - Present (Lengnau/Bern)Sport shop Alpine & Touring skis made in Italy.

·          SCHAEFER-SPORTS  CA. 1930 – 2010  (Lausanne/Vaud)

·          SPORTHAUS W. GLASER  1866 – 1951?  (Zurich/Zurich) One of the first sport shops in Switzerland.

·          TESTA, Giovanni  1910 - 1995  (St. Moritz/Grisons)


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·         ALLEMANN Dates unknown  (Klosters/Grisons) Manufactured sleds, also possibly skis, later bought out by Hartmann

·         AMREIN  ca. 1904  (Lucerne/LU) 

·         BRANGS, J.R. ? – 1926 (Rohrsach/St. Gallen) Known model(s); "BODAN".

·         BERGER - STADLER  Dates unknown – Origin unknown

·         BLOCHLINGER Dates Unknown (HERISAU/AR)

·         BUTTNER – 1973-76 (Mönchaltdorf/Zurich) Manufactured Cross-country Skis. In 1976 sold to Kastle Skis

·         BUSSARD  ca. 1935 (Vevey/Vaud)

·         BURRI  ca. 1935 (Wülflingen/Zurich)

·         DAFFRI  Dates unknown  (Bern/Bern)

·         DENZLER   Dates unknown  (Zurich/Zurich)

·         EBERLI, Alois Dates unknown  (Giswil/Obwald) Cartwright who later sold his shop to Mathis (also from Giswil)

·         ENGI   1892 – ? (Arosa/Grisons)

·         ERNST   Dates unknown – Origin unknown

·         FISCHER  ca. 1935-47 (Vevey/Vaud)

·         FUCHS    Dates unknown  (Le Locle/Neuchatel)

·         GAFFNER BROS. W & H  Dates unknown (Beatenberg/Bern) Known model(s);“ GAFNER WALDEGG BEATENBERG“

·         GRIBI & Co. 1943 (?) – 1976 (Burgdorf/Bern)

.         GUGG  ca. 1955 - (Mels/St. Gallen)  Skis manufactured by Streule

·         HARTMANN, H  1928 – 1963 (Kloster/Grisons) Acquired ALLEMANN in the 20’s.

·         HERGER  Dates unknown – Origin unknown

·         HONNEGGER   Dates unknown  (Chur/Grisons)

·         JOSEPH, Paul  ca. 1900 – ?? (Auberson/Vaud)

·         JURA   Dates unknown (Sissach/Basel Country)

·         KAISER, Hs   ca. 1932 (Leuzingen/Bern)

·         KAPPELER, J.  ca. 1905 (Baden/Aargau)

·         KAUFMANN   Dates unknown  (Thun/Bern)

·         KERNEN   Dates unknown  (Le Locle/Neuchatel)

·         KESSLER  (Braunwald/Glarus) Snowboards.......

·         KIENAST, F  1883-1969 ( Winterthur/Zurich)

·         KLOPFENSTEIN  Dates unknown – Origin unknown

·         KNECHT K & Co.  Ca. 1904 (Bern/Bern)

·         KOST Max & Leonard 1890-2014 (Basel/Basel City)  One of the first sport shops in Switzerland

·         KRAUCHI, Johannes   ca. 1932-35 (Bariswil-Schonbuhl/Bern)

·         KREBSER, Arnold   1928-Present (Boltigen/Bern)

·         KRUSI, J   Dates unknown  (Speicher/Aarau)

·         KUBLI, L   Dates unknown  (Nestal/Glarus)

·         LEMAN   Dates unknown – Origin unknown

·         MARTI, Aug.   ca. 1932 - ?  (Lachen/Schwyz)

·         MELLIGER, J  ca. 1932 - ?  (Lucerne/Lucerne)

·         MUHLBACH  Dates unknown (Kriens/Lucerne) Known model(s) ; "PILATUS"

·         MULLER 1940’s - 1996 (Altstetten/Zurich) Known for their Cross-Country skis. Later moved their production to Einsiedeln.

·         MURI, Jakob ca. 1934  (Schinznach-Dorf/Aargau)

·         NORVRETTA   Dates unknown (Rorschach/St. Gallen)

·         OUIT Frères  Dates unknown – Origin unknown

·         PROBST  Dates unknown (Solothurn/Solothurn)

·         ROBERT TISSOT & CHABLE   Dates unknown (Neuchatel/Neuchatel)

·         RICKENBACH   ca. 1970’s (Rickenbach/Schwyz) Manufactured Fiberglass skis

·         RUCH  Dates unknown – Origin unknown

·         SAILER   Dates unknown – Origin unknown

·         SCHICH BUHL  Dates unknown – Origin unknown

·         SCHMUCKI  Dates unknown (Ostermundigen/Bern)

·         SOMMARTEL   Dates unknown  Le Locle/Neuchatel)

·         SPOZIO ca. 1947-50 (Vevey/Vaud)

·         STOHR, Jos 1905 - 19?? (Engelberg/Obwald) Also manufactured rescue sleds

·         SUISSER ca. 1980 Origin unknown

·         SWISKIS ca. 1935  Origin unknown 

·         THOMANN, Gottfried 1920?-1940 ?  (Aeschi/Bern)

·         THORENS   ca. 1930-??  (Ste-Croix/Vaud) 

·         TRIHO  Dates unknown (Tour de Peilz/Vaud) Owner: Mr. Tribelhorn

·         UIKER   Dates unknown (Lausanne/Vaud) Uiker skis were manufactured by Authier & Nidecker

·         WEBER  Dates unknown/Origin unknown

·         WEISS   Dates unknown (Zug/Zug)

·         WIDMER, Pierre   Dates unknown  (Luzern/Lucerne) Known model(s): “ETOILE“

·         WOLF, Jos  1908 – 1950 (Davos/Grisons)

·         ZELLER, Emil  1937 (approx.) – 1955  (Stein/Appenzell Ausserrhoden)

​.         ZUMBUEHL Sport Shop 1930 (approx.) (Engelberg/Lucerne) Manufactured by ?