The Swiss Ski Museum (.com) is a non profit organization dedicated to the preservation of the history of skiing in Switzerland, honoring the pioneers, ski equipment manufacturers, resorts, ski lifts, and much more all combined for the first time on one website. The wealth of knowledge and artifacts is made available to everyone through this virtual museum, which is accessible as the nearest computer.

Becoming a corporate partner of the Swiss Ski Museum enables you to provide direct financial aid for preserving the history of the sport which you love.


Your funds will help the further development of this website as well as cover part of our operational costs. We are also planning the creation of a mobile display for the purpose of education and public awareness.

We have created several corporate partner packages starting at only CHF. 95.00 per year. To find out more,  contact us at


We are very grateful to the following partners who are participating in the funding of the website & for the German & French translations of the

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